Presenters photos shown below are those that are currently rostered for on air duties. If a photo is not shown against a currently rostered presenter, this is at the request of the Presenter.

Alex Hehr OAM
(Currently on Leave) Saturday 7.00am – 11.00am “Brekkie with Alex” Sundays 8.00pm –11.00pm “Thanks for the Memory”. Alex has always had a love of music and began collecting records in 1961. His working life was spent in the banking industry as his nan said you are going into a secure job my boy – but radio was always in the background. Together with a close friend they built their own radio station at home in the early 60s and played disc jockeys for hours on end. Alex became intrigued by the music of the British and American dance bands of the 30s and started collecting 78’s in the late 60s. In the 1980s Alex packaged a series of one hour nostalgia programs for the ABC’s “Sentimental Journey”. He recorded 78’s on tape and sent them to Sydney with a script. John West presented the program and credited Alex with the preparation. Alex also did part-time work at the old 3GL Geelong. He was well and truly on his way to a future in radio – his great love!! When Philip Brady and the late Bruce Mansfield took on “Remember When” at 3AW, Alex joined them soon after writing material. He also presented a 30 minute segment of the golden days of Melbourne radio, once a month on the program. After 3AW there followed a short stint at 3CR and then Alex joined Southern FM – 88.3 in Moorabbin in October 1994. Here he presented a four hour nostalgia program titled “Thanks for the Memory”. Due to various circumstances Alex decided to leave Southern FM in April 1998. After a break of a few months he was approached by 3GDR asking him to replace their Sunday night nostalgia presenter. After so many years collecting, Alex has some 200,000 tunes in his sound library and loves presenting his various programs on Golden Days Radio.

Alex was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in the Australia Day Honours List for 2017 for service to the broadcast media, particularly through community radio.

Annabel Brown

Monday 2.00pm - 5.00pm. Annabel was brought up in Melbourne and has always loved music since the age of was 4. Being confined to bed over the long winter months in Melbourne with childhood asthma ‘the wireless’ was the only means of entertainment. Listening during the day and into the night she learned to appreciate all sorts of music and started to enjoy the music of the 1940’s and 1950’s.  

Annabel entered the workforce at 18 years of age and has had many and varied experiences in different jobs, including working as a receptionist and a CEO of her own business.  Her later working life was spent in the legal profession and estate agency practice having worked with many of Melbourne’s leading estate agencies in varied roles. Annabel also taught part time legal and property related subjects at RMIT and Victoria University for decades. She is married with four children. 

Joining Golden Days Radio in 2015 as a volunteer receptionist and later as a presenter has allowed Annabel to meet so many new and interesting people associated with the Golden Days Family. She looks forward to meeting you at one of the Golden Days luncheons and sharing on air her passion for music with you.

Avril Smith
Friday 2.00pm – 5.00pm. While dial twisting one day in 1996, Avril suddenly came upon familiar music which made her happy and, for her, memory lane was rediscovered. Furthermore, a community radio station staffed by retirees to serve senior members of the community offered a unique and exciting challenge, so Avril volunteers as a telephonist. At that time GDR was on air at weekends only. She learned to prepare presenters logs and to this day remains a member of the team of four ladies responsible for the logs. When Friday broadcasts commenced on 3rd July 1998, Avril became our Friday afternoon presenter and has filled that role ever since. Avril firmly believes in the saying “life is nothing without music”. In particular, the music from the late 19th century to the mid 20th century brought great variety, with composers, orchestras, instrumentalists, vocalists and comedians all contributing to that magnificent golden era. It is this music that Avril feels privileged to present every Friday afternoon.

Barry Gomm

Tuesday 5.00pm - 8.00pm.

Barry is a retired Mechanical Design Engineer whose prior experience in community radio was participation in his eldest son’s comedy program and as an occasional guest on a current affairs program, both on stations located in the outer fringes of Melbourne. Besides having spent the most part of his working career in engineering, he also had his own printing business and was an operator/programmer at an early mainframe computer installation. His hobbies are veteran and vintage motoring, maintaining an extensive 78 and 45 rpm record library that is based broadly on popular music from the mid-1930s to the late 1960s, and constantly adding to a comprehensive Ginger Meggs collection. He also has an interest in all things art deco, especially those from the latter part of the era. Barry’s interest in Golden Days Radio goes back to 1993 when he was working on his veteran car one Saturday afternoon. Time after time he had to stop work to change stations on the radio because of ‘barbed-wire’ music. At some point of twiddling the dial he heard a number by Flanagan and Allen, a welcome discovery that introduced him to the fledgling Golden Days Radio. The only changes to the dial ever since have been to follow Golden Days as it was allocated different frequencies.

Barry Skinner 
Although Barry has been in the broadcasting industry for more than 35 years his leap into radio only occurred in 2001, when he joined Golden Days Radio. Prior to GDR he was involved in television broadcasting as a creative producer/director in the area of “on-air” station promotions. Barry’s employers included a number of provincial stations in Australia, GTV 9 Melbourne, Canadian television broadcasting, stints in Hollywood, 8 years at Rupert Murdoch’s British Sky Broadcasting in London, Swedish television, Fox Television in New York City and two years in Malaysian television. An admirer of Frank Sinatra’s unique vocal style since his late teens, Barry has further expanded his knowledge of the subject since he’s been presenting “Sinatra A to Z” and "Sinatra the Albums" on 95.7. Whilst living in London, he had the opportunity of seeing Sinatra in concert at the Royal Albert Hall, when Frank was in his mid 70s – “an unforgettable experience”. Barry’s early interest in jazz developed (believe it or not) in Albury NSW. It’s not that Albury had a “jazz scene” as such, but it did have the regional ABC radio station which broadcast Arch McKirdy’s superb late night jazz program, “Music to Midnight”. If you enjoy quality, smooth jazz then check out


Brian Davis
Wednesday 7.00am – 11.00am. Originally from London, Brian, who has lived in Australia since 1973, has a great love of the jazz and popular music of the 1920s, ‘30s and ‘40s and came across Golden Days by chance when twiddling the dial one day and never looked back. His background was in computing, formerly IT manager at the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (later Hawker de Havilland) and subsequently worked for Computer Power, Price Waterhouse and ETX Consultants in IT recruitments. Brian decided to support GDR by becoming a member, then for a bit of fun volunteered to work as a presenter on the station. He has no prior experience in broadcasting or media but enjoys working with his colleagues at the studios.


Brian Young

Wednesday 5.00pm - 8.00pm.  Brian, who is originally from Glasgow, Scotland has always had a keen interest
in radio and television and discovered Golden Days Radio on the recommendation of a friend. He's been an avid listener ever since and the radio at home is on from early morning and right thoughout the day. "It never stops" says Brian.

His background has been in the shoe business both manufacturing and wholesale.

Brian is a big fan of the music of the '40s and the great American Songbook and enjoys the "crooners" as well as jazz standards from performers like Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra. He also enjoys the local cabaret scene as well as musicals and loves going to see West End shows when in London and of course Broadway when visiting New York as he has done on many occasions.

Brian lists the outdoors, dining out and cabaret as his interests and also plays competitive snooker. He also enjoys the Melbourne coffee scene.

He joined Golden Days as a volunteer in early 2015 and enjoys being part of a very dedicated team. He is married and has 2 married sons and 4 gorgeous grandchildren who keep him busy when he spends time with them.


Carlos Kramer

Carlos presents "Musings and Impressions" every Sunday afternoon at 4pm. 








Carol Farman

Wednesday 2.00pm - 5.00pm. Carol grew up as part of a musical family in Melbourne. She studied piano, folk guitar, flute and classical singing. At age 21, Carol joined Ansett Airlines as cabin crew, and flew for 10 years. She is married and has two sons, and now is a director, with her husband, of two residential conference venues and an alpaca stud farm. Carol's musical interests are broad and she enjoys the monthly MSO concerts. Her mother introduced her to GDR some years ago and after 18 years with Vision Australia Radio as a presenter, it seems a natural stepping stone to join the GDR family.

David Pollock

Saturday 8.00pm - 11.00pm. David comes with a most diverse background. He grew up in the Dandenongs and started work as a printer, moving on to write the Aussie Rules reports for the local “Free Press” before working full time as journalist at the “Wonthaggi Express” . In 1966 he joined the Northern Territory Police Force stationed mainly in Alice Springs but with relief work at outposts like Maranboy (where he was also the postmaster, mail contractor and telephonist), Finke, Kulgera and Anthony’s Lagoon before promotion to Sergeant.

In 1974 he was elected to the first Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory as the Member for Macdonnell serving a term in the predominant aboriginal electorate. His first “on air” experiences were with the ABC in Alice Springs in 1979 with sport and a short local breakfast programme. In 1980 he “called” the Australian Rules football on the local commercial station 8HA. Later that year he returned to Victoria to start 30 years as an industry association administrator across tobacco growers, citrus growers, woolbrokers, livestock agents and livestock saleyards before joining 3GDR as a receptionist. David is part of the Committee of Management and looks after Promotions and Publications.

Dr. David Dammery

Wednesday 10.15am. Join Dr. David each Wednesday morning at 10.15 where he talks about health issues that affect us all. If you have something that you would like Dr. David to talk about you can call the station on 9572 1466 or email us at to request a topic.


Des Ford

Wednesday 11.00am - 2.00pm.

Des’s working life was spent in the electronic media. In the mid ‘50s he started work at 3AW as a junior and had a spectacular time over the next two years working with a host of amazing characters. The Chief Engineer then suggested that he move to Channel 9 – “The best advice I ever had’. After seven wonderful years he ended up as head of audio working with The Beatles, Graham Kennedy and many more during that halcyon time.

GTV 9 purchased 3AK and Des got his first taste of announcing, doing Saturday afternoons. Seeking sanity he joined Channel 8 in Mount Gambier as Program/ Production Manager and for two years did everything from reading the news to painting the floor. Then off to 5DN Adelaide to do breakfast and talks on 5DN and TV work with NWS 9. Seven years later he got homesick so back to GTV for 13 years as a Director/Producer then eventually Production Manager. Des also moonlighted at Radio Australia for a few years. In his mid forties he joined 3MP. Over the years he has worked at several community stations and, from afar is production supervisor for Cairns FM. The travel bug bit (and hasn’t stopped), so he spent a year looking at the world after which he worked freelance for a while until taking the plunge and retiring.

Des lists travel, reading, the outdoors and the arts as interests. He has four children, twins included and delights in them and their seven offspring. Two more young adults entered his life when he married Anne in 2005. They recently returned from 3 years living at Trinity Beach 20 minutes north of Cairns.


Fay Thorne

Sunday 5.00pm – 8.00pm. After 37 years, living in seven countries as the spouse of a U.S. diplomat, my return to the Melbourne I had known was enhanced by a friend recommending 3GDR. To be able to listen to the soundtrack of my life has sweet memories - from my parents' ballroom dance music, the player piano rolls, the hit parade, the jazz dances. After marriage, the subscriptions to ballet and philharmonic concerts with a balletomane and classical music buff or our record collection of such music brought so much pleasure.
As a volunteer reader/presenter at Vision Australia radio for seven years on the early morning news roster and later host of the weekly Food Topics program, I became aware of the value of radio to so many, particularly those who live alone and who want to be engaged with life. The esprit de corps and commitment of the volunteers at Golden Days is stimulating.

Geoff Phillips

Thursday 11.00am - 2.00pm. Geoff's interest in radio began at a very early age, back in 1951. In 1953 he was elected President of Melbourne High School Radio Club, and organised visits to 3DB, 3UZ, and 3AW. This experience was in his "memory bank" for years.

He retired from 'corporate life' after 47 years, and decided to pursue a 'dream' of radio involvement, as he was vitally interested in music and radio as a medium.

Geoff joined Golden Days Radio in late 1999, and at the beginning of February 2000 'went to air' presenting the very first Monday breakfast program on Golden Days Radio. He later presented Friday Breakfast 7.30 to 11am and Tuesday Drive 5 to 8pm for nearly 10 years.

Geoff served on the Committee of Management, Program Sub-Committee and was elected Deputy President during his years of service. He prepared and implemented a complete new business marketing plan, and introduced the 'new look' Golden Days sound jingle and our logo which is familiar to all.

The marketing team conducted successful 'outside promotions', members drives and incentives, promotional materials, advertising and talks to community groups. This played a large part in growing awareness for our radio station, building membership and loyal sponsorships. In addition to this involvement, Geoff gained further experience with two other radio stations in Melbourne over 8 years.

After family business commitments for over 3 years, Geoff was thrilled to return 'home' to Golden Days to share "beautiful music that will last forever" with our Golden Days listeners.

George Rolfe

Sundays (alternate) 2.00pm - 5pm. George has been with Golden Days since 2000, starting as a receptionist for the late John Corbett and Alex Hehr. His interest in music covers a broad sweep, "from Bach to the Beatles". This has been evident in the many programs he has presented over the years. George enjoys the camaraderie of the GDR team and the rapport which exists between presenters and listeners.



Gerry Watts

Gerry Watts fills in for our presenters when some are on holidays. Gerry has been with Golden Days since 2006 and returns from time to time to grace us with his light presentation style.




Graham Pack

Tuesday 2.00pm - 5.00pm.
Graham has had a life long interest in radio, starting off with a crystal set complete with Bakelite headphones. He remembers the family sitting around the radio to listen to Crosby Morrisson and the program “Off The Beaten Track” on 3DB and 3LK after the 7pm news service. Graham started as a Telephone Support Person at Golden Days Radio and under the watchful eyes of the late Fred Cross became a presenter. In the programs that Graham presents, he usually offers a quiz which always attracts interest. He also “peppers” his program with trivia about the artists he plays. Graham is also our Honorary Secretary and Program Manager and attends our monthly Committee of Management meetings.


Ian Cochrane

Thursday 8.00pm - 11.00pm.

At home in the '50s, pre TV, my parents always had the wireless on loud. So l was able to hear all the good programs from the AM stations of the time.

I bought my first recording when l was eight and the collection has been growing ever since. I am a music desperate who goes to a record shop to buy one and comes out with ten.

As an apprentice l was fortunate enough to work in the Philip's Audio Laboratory where the finest amplifiers were designed and matched to turntables and speakers. Having heard the best l have been spoilt. At 18, l spent too much money on audio gear.

A few years ago l was dial surfing and found Golden Days Radio. I became a volunteer and now l can persue my passion at a greater level and have lots of fun at the same time.

Ian McLeod

Wednesday 8.00pm – 11.00pm. Ian was lured across as a Golden Days supporter for many years listening to the golden age of British dance bands and loving the shimmer of the mighty Wurlitzer organ on a Saturday evening. He is now retired and is married with two daughters and four bubbling grandchildren.

In a previous business life, Ian headed up the national menswear and ladies footwear divisions for the Myer Emporium Ltd. He is passionate about his hobbies, namely the love of his home cinema where everything is shown from the golden age of MGM musicals to Disney to the Marx Bros on a regular basis. Whilst still at school, Ian was a trainee projectionist at the old Dendy and Prince George cinemas in Brighton.

He is an active committee person at his local yacht squadron and enjoys horseracing most Saturday afternoons. Since joining GDR as a volunteer he has gained much enjoyment in resurrecting his own record collection and shares many of his discs from time to time via the Golden Days airwaves. He claims it is an absolute joy to be part of the GD team. Ian is also one of our speakers who can come out to your group and provide an interesting talk. In addition Ian is also our Vice President and from 2017 Ian is proudly a patron of teh Australasian Orchestra.


Joan Krutli

Monday 5.00pm – 8.00pm. Joan began her radio career in 1996 – the same year she retired from the workforce. Prior to that she’d never been inside a radio station, much less been “on air”. In fact a career in radio had never crossed her mind. When looking through the local papers one day, she saw that radio station 88.3 Southern FM was looking for a receptionist. As Joan had been a secretary/receptionist all her working life, she thought, “Why not give it a go? It might be a bit of fun”. The rest as they say is history.
So from those small beginnings, Joan went on to present a weekly two-hour program “That’s Entertainment/Backstage Chat”. The program featured musicals of yesteryear and today as well as focus on community theatre in and around Melbourne.

Another of Joan’s roles at Southern FM was that of News Co-ordinator. This involved auditioning prospective news readers who, if successful, came on board and often went on to get their own program.

Joan has also been involved in theatre for more years than she’d care to remember. She’s done musical comedy, Gilbert and Sullivan, and now works with various groups around Melbourne, including Encore, Malvern and Brighton Theatres and The Adelphi Players.

Joan is very impressed with the professionalism and high quality of programs at GDR. The warmth and friendliness of everyone involved at the station makes it a happy experience for presenters and listeners alike.

John Amor
Sunday 11.00am - 2.00pm. John was newly retired when he joined GDR in 1992. He was attracted by the potential to serve the lonely and the housebound and also by the concept of allowing retired people to experience for the first time the pleasure of presenting a radio program for their peers. The founders of GDR invited John to become the Treasurer of the interim committee. He was elected to the Committee of Management at the first AGM in 1993 and has been on the committee ever since, serving as Station Manager, Program Manager, President and currently, Treasurer. John came to GDR without any knowledge of radio broadcasting and learnt on the job as a panel operator during the broadcasts from Southland in 1993. He was first heard on GDR as the Saturday breakfast presenter in 1994. John has a particular interest in the melodic and sentimental style of music which was popular 100 years ago, and he keeps this alive on Sundays from 11.00am.


John Clarke

Monday 8.00pm - 11pm

John has been interested in radio since childhood during the 1950's when he listened to many radio serials as well as well as the "Top ten" hit parades that were broadcast on Sundays.   

He worked in television not long after it started in Australia and, after a lifetime of working in other fields, returned to radio on 3GDR on Wednesday nights when the station first received it's full time licence. He is passionate about the essential service that the station offers to the seniors community and, after an absence of 6 years, has returned to present the Monday night music program between 8 and 11 pm.

John Hoey
Thursday 2.00pm – 5.00pm.
Radio was a significant part of John’s early life when his father was the Director of Radio Australia. He remembers the large shortwave receiver at home in the study and the twin-masted aerial in the backyard enabling his father (and himself) to monitor RA and other shortwave broadcasts. He came across GDR when the clock radio, primed to go off at 0600 on Radio National, was accidentally switched from AM to FM and he awoke to the sound of GDR playing its overnight random selections. It seemed to him that the ABC had gone on strike! His preferences in music cross many boundaries, as long as the music is interesting and not too invasive. Mellow, with minimal bellow, is his musical inclination. He remembers when living in Sydney being stuck in traffic on the Bridge, but at the same time very much enjoying the varied and interesting music Sue Howard played on her ABC ‘Drive’ show. He hopes his programme will be similarly enjoyable. He has an abiding interest in classic cars and historic motor sport in general.

Julie Bastow

Friday 11.00am - 2.00pm. Julie feels strongly that the marvellous body of music composed in the first five decades of the 20th Century must continue to be heard to ensure its preservation and to attract new generations of listeners. She finds Golden Days Radio an absorbing and delightful activity providing her with an ideal community service opportunity. Julie also relishes the chance to learn more about the music of the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s from the various luminaries amongst the GDR volunteers and the vast musical resources of the station.


Kim Johns

Tuesday 11.00am - 2.00pm and
Sunday (alternate) 2.00pm - 5.00pm.
Kim's background is in publishing & journalism. He edited books for the Lonely Planet travel company - sadly no free trips were offered - & books, magazines & pamphlets to promote Australian trade through Austrade.

In his youthful days Kim reported for most forms of media - from local newspapers to stints with TV & radio. He was sub-editor with both Melbourne metropolitan dailies. With radio he edited news stories & read news for SBS Melbourne - the English language version only! Music has always played a big part in Kim's life - he once played piano & hankers one day to master the clarinet.

Golden Days came to his attention while volunteering at the sales counter of a Windsor op-shop. The manager - still only in his 30s - kept the radio dial fixed to GDR. From there Kim joined us on our reception desk. Besides music he enjoys travel, reading, history, watching sport, googling & chatting - as callers to the station will know .

Larry James
Friday 7.00am – 11.00am. Larry has always been interested in music, particularly the music that can be heard on GDR. Larry was recommended to have a listen to the station by a friend and once he did, he was hooked. He was also impressed with the professionalism of the station’s presentation. Larry joined as a member in June 2003 and has been the Friday morning breakfast presenter since 1st of June 2007. He is currently President of Golden Days Radio.
Larry spent 25 years in banking and 10 years in the tourism industry, working at the popular “Puffing Billy” Railway in the Dandenong’s east of Melbourne. He also volunteers his time there to help keep the historic railway in operation. Golden Days, he says is very similar to Puffing Billy – one “big happy family”.

Loretta Simmons

Saturday 11.00am - 2.00pm. Loretta was born in Melbourne, her childhood spent in the bush. Entertainment focus of home life was the wireless, the enjoyment and wonder it provided set the scene for a lifelong love of radio. She is a qualified Health Counsellor, performs Funeral Celebrancy and places gentle emphasis on the importance of 'Life Biography'. She is in awe of the treasure trove of skills of the over 50s, especially volunteers who collectively contribute to 3GDR. She is passionate about spreading the 'word' of Golden Days Radio and as a great grandmother, Loretta says her four grandchildren see her as 'pretty cool'.


Madeleine Swain

Each Tuesday at 10.15am and again on Fridays at 12.10pm join Madeleine at the Movies as she discusses the latest movies around town.








 Mario Zanatta

Thursday 5.00pm - 8.00pm. During the mid 70's, Mario bought his first 40's compilation album "The Everlasting Memories of the 40's". He was so impressed with singers such as The Andrew Sisters, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Glenn Miller, The Mills Brothers etc that he decided to go back in time and discover the musical gems hidden in the past. It was also about this time that musician Ivan Hutchinson presented glorious musicals from the Golden Age of Hollywood on Melbourne television. Mario soon became ravenous to devour the musical talents of Alice, Betty, Bing, Carmen, Cyd, Debbie, Doris, Esther, Frank, Fred, Gene, Ginger, Howard, Kathryn, Mickey, Jane, Julie, Lena, Red and Shirley - the MGM Musicals and of course, Judy.

He likes the place that he's discovered and isn't returning back to the present! Mario is also our Membership Secretary.

Maurie Lockie

Maurie has been in broadcasting all his working life. At the age of 16 he joined 3BO Bendigo which was part of the AWA network as an announcer during the war. He joined the Air Force at 18 and while serving in New Guinea he was in charge of the RAAF broadcasting station at Madang. With the call sign RAAF Radio Madang, the station broadcast to Australian and American troops throughout the islands.

After the war AWA transferred him to 4CA Cairns for two years as a senior announcer. In 1947, Maurie joined the ABC as announcer and senior newsreader in Brisbane.

In 1951, the ABC transferred Maurie to Melbourne where he worked for their Home Service and for Radio Australia. In 1954 until 1957 he compered a live variety request program “Yours for the Asking” with the ABC Melbourne Dance Band. This programme was broadcast around the world and brought in hundreds and hundreds of requests from all parts of the globe.

Maurie was also compere of “Yours for the Asking” on the Home Service each weekday morning at 9am.

In 1956, Maurie transferred to ABC Television and was instrumental in getting the new service up and running. In television, Maurie produced and directed live variety programs such as “Latin Holiday” and TV dramas. He was one of the team of directors of the long running serial “Bellbird”.

Maurie retired from the ABC in 1985 and since that time has done voluntary work for Radio 3RPH (Vision Australia) as well as Golden Days Radio.

Max Davis

Saturday 5.00pm – 8.00pm. Max was born in the northern area of South Australia and became a radio fanatic from an early age. After a move to Gawler he tried to get a job in radio; however his parents disapproved because of the fickle nature of the medium. After an appendix operation he secured a job with the Public Service in Adelaide.

In 1963 he transferred to Canberra where Steve Liebmann was a star on 2CA. Max hated Canberra in those days and moved to Melbourne in January 1965. He attended radio school classes while working for Dunlop Australia for 4 years. He returned to the Public Service in 1969. He travelled around the world for 3 months in 1980 and in 1993 he “took a package”.

The same year he discovered Golden Days Radio and enjoyed what he heard so much that he just had to be a part of it. Max happily works his regular shifts despite also working long hours as a courier 5 days a week.


Michael Lynch

Saturday 2.00pm - 5.00pm. Born in England but growing up in New Zealand, Michael’s first job on leaving school was delivering telegrams (remember those) around Christchurch on a pushbike.

By his late teens the appeal of being able to combine his love of music and theatre with a career in broadcasting saw him successfully pass a radio announcer’s audition with the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation. After an intensive training program which involved learning how to read commercials, the application of Daniel Jones Phonetics and passing courses in French, German and Maori pronunciation, Michael spent the next eight years working at various NZBC  stations around New Zealand.

Heading across the Tasman to Melbourne in 1974, he was soon heard reading news on Radio Australia and later presenting a music/interview program on what was then known as 3LO, now ABC 774.  A subsequent stint hosting a news-oriented breakfast program at 5DN Adelaide in 1976 paved the way for Michael’s move into full time radio news and ultimately the post of News Director at 3KZ/KZFM/Gold 104 for almost nine years. When the station was sold to Austereo in 1994 and the newsroom closed, Michael was hired as Journalist-in-Charge at SBS Radio.

Seeking a new challenge at the age of 50 in 1997, Michael became and still is Tobin Brothers Funerals in-house civil celebrant. But once a broadcaster, always a broadcaster and he says he’s very much looking forward to playing for listeners to Golden Days Radio, yesterday’s music today.


Pam Young

Friday 8.00pm - 11.00pm. Pam was married for over 20 years to an Australian Army officer which meant living in all different states of Australia and overseas. She has one son and two step children who are all grown up now.

Pam spent over 30 years as a trouble shooter for a temporary agency going from company to company helping and assisting where needed.

Her introduction to radio was through a friend "volunteering" her to help with a radiothon at another community radio station which started an eight year spell as Secretary, Fundraiser, Radiothon Organiser, Sponsorship Manager and an "on air" presenter. After a four year break she offered to bring a friend over to Golden Days Radio to pay his membership. Pam decided to become a member too and on meeting another GDR volunteer and being shown the wonderful studios the rest is history. Pam looks after Public Relations and Special Events.

Peter Clemmens

Thursday 7.00am - 11.00am. Peter served in the Royal Australian Air Force and had postings overseas including the Vietnam War and 3 separate postings to RAAF Air Base Butterworth, Malaysia and attachments to Singapore during his illustrious RAAF military career of 30 years retiring as a Warrant Officer.

At the RAAF Air Base Butterworth was an Australian funded community radio station serving a radius of broadcast around 10 miles (16 kilometres) with a listening audience well in excess of 250,000 including Penang Island.

Apart from Peter's full time RAAF duties in the 1980's, he joined RAAF Radio Butterworth (RRB) commencing as a tape librarian and soon after as a general announcer producing both pop and his middle of the road music programs.

Whilst holidaying in New York City in early 2013, Peter was surfing the net for a decent radio station to tune into via iTunes and was very happy indeed stumbling across Golden Days Radio for the first time. Upon returning to Melbourne, Peter was appointed as a Golden Days Radio receptionist in July 2013. He enjoys free time with family, travelling overseas, cruise ships, music, aussie rules football, community radio with GDR of course and has two sons and 5 grandchildren. Peter is also our Volunteer Services Manager and has been co-opted to the Committee of Management.

Peter Lawlor

Friday 5.00 - 8.00pm. Peter grew up listening to Russ Tyson presenting the ABC breakfast program in the 1950s and hearing "Oh What A Beautiful Morning" in just about every program.

At Melbourne Cup time, Russ would make sure the "Spike Jones William Tell Overture" was on his play list, with its amusing horse race commentary. This was around the time that Peter really fell in love with radio and music.

Living high on a cliff in a house right next to the white lighthouse at Queenscliff, Peter got wonderful reception from all the Melbourne stations, plus good old 3GL Geelong. He fondly remembers Maurie Lockie presenting "Yours For The Asking". Peter's later movements into Geelong and hence to Melbourne only served to increase his love of radio and when he went to primary teaching up in the Mallee in 1966, stations like Swan Hill were on his listening list.

While teaching in England in 1972, Peter enjoyed listening to Radio Luxembourg and the pirate radio stations that were bobbing up and down with the waves in the North Sea. Joining Vision Australia Radio in 1985 as a reader then presenter gave Peter 27 years of wonderful radio experience, friendships and fun. "I know my GDR time will be the same".

Peter loves his wife and family, freelance teaching, following Collingwood, playing tennis, writing military history, reading about big band and country music and travelling around this big wide beautiful world... while listening, of course, to GDR!!!

Peter Thomas

Monday 11.00am - 2.00pm. Peter has spent a considerable proportion of his working life in radio and television. It began at 2AY Albury, when it was part of the AWA Network of eight stations around Australia. He worked at 3NE Wangaratta when it was locally owned, graduated to 3AW in the days when they proudly called in relay stations to join the key station in Victoria for the Macquarie Broadcasting Network. He has spent time with FOX-FM before it changed its audience demographic and has even had some experience with the ABC. He has also worked in television during the golden years beginning at BCV 8 Bendigo and Central Victoria as a booth announcer, children's show host and newsreader. He presented "Around Midnight" on TEN Network for three seasons and also founded and was Managing Director of Albert Street Productions Pty Ltd, a television production company that produced documentary material for SBS and ABC and had considerable international sales to networks around the world.

Peter is very happy to be a part of the Golden Days family.


Rex Swindel-Hurst

Rex's interest in music of an earlier era started when he listened as a boy to the radio program, My Music in the 60's whilst helping to repot orchilds with his grandfather in New Zealand.  

Since then throughout a busy career along with his wife, in art education and art supplies to Australia schools, Rex has developed a keen interest in many musical genres over the earlier decades and has built up a library of opera, classical, operetta, big bands and music from the 30's and 40's.

Rex enjoys both taking calls when on reception for Pam Young and presenting music when he fills in for others in various timeslots. He is passionate about the music that Golden Days Radio plays, and enjoys the shared enthusiasm with the other volunteers. Rex is also a member of the Committee of Management and has responsibility for Marketing and I.T. (Information Technology). He is currently taking a break from his on air committments.


Robert Anderson
Monday 7.00am – 11.00am and

Sunday 7.00am – 10.30am. Robert’s radio/media career began at the Herald Sun’s 3DB in 1960, starting as a turntable operator moving into production. He then had a stint as an announcer/copy writer at Radio 7BU in Burnie, Tasmania. On returning to the mainland Robert took up employment at the Herald and Weekly Times, where he worked in the circulation department. This led to promotions and the co-ordinating of the Sun Tour Cycle Race, the Sun Aria Operatic Competition and the Herald Outdoor Art Show. As a public relations journalist, Robert’s career included employment in the superannuation and hospital fields, culminating with full time work in transport with Australia Post. Robert lists his interests as reading, music of all styles, movies, jogging, squash, tennis, playing guitar, enjoying amateur theatre and the volunteer work he does for Golden Days Radio.

Tony Bennett

Tuesday 7.00am - 11.00am.

Tony began his radio career in the late 60's working for the ABC and 3AK. He then moved into the computer industry where he worked for 35 years in various roles in marketing and sales culminating in senior management roles with international software companies.

One of Tony's passions is health and fitness, and he gradulated as a Personal Trainer in 2000; however this skill was never used commercially and was more about self education and personal awareness.

Tony is also a very keen cyclist and has won a number of club and state championships. His other passion is his 2 whippets that he walks religiously, on a daily basis, rain, hail or shine and has always admired their athleticism and speed.